Digital Citizenship meets SAMR

Setting aside the debate of whether “digital citizenship” should just be “citizenship”,  I think there continues to be a need for  focus on the digital aspect of citizenship as people learn the in and outs of our rapidly evolving digital world. I enjoyed an opportunity to have an in depth conversation with the WRDSB student … Continue reading Digital Citizenship meets SAMR

OSAPAC Software: A SAMR Perspective

Classroom educators working in publicly funded Ontario schools have access to a wide variety of provincially licensed software and digital resources. Full listings are at the OSAPAC web site. The SAMR model describes four stages of using technology to support student learning as summarized in the chart below. The SAMR model provides a well researched … Continue reading OSAPAC Software: A SAMR Perspective

SAMR: Fuelling a growth mindset

The SAMR model has taken the technology enabled learning world by storm. Based on long term thorough research the model offers a new strategy to look at the relationship of technology and learning. The model describes four stages of using technology to support student learning as summarized in the chart below. Let me say up … Continue reading SAMR: Fuelling a growth mindset

SAMR: A day with Dr. Puentedura

The last 2 weeks have been filled with amazing opportunities to spend quality time with passionate Ontario educators:  the WRDSB  CATC by the Water annual summer PD session, the  OSAPAC  summer planning session and a full day event focused on the  SAMR  technology integration model — talk about awesome! The SAMR day was very exciting as the … Continue reading SAMR: A day with Dr. Puentedura

Breadcrumbs and Ripples

The 2015 WRDSB learning carousel day focused on  Innovative Change  was a great day of learning and connecting for me. I was impressed with the quality and quantity of the sharing sessions and loved the energy in the room.  As a reflection,  I wanted to share a few things that resonated with me by bringing … Continue reading Breadcrumbs and Ripples

uLead15 Keynote reflections

The kickoff to the uLead 2015 conference was spectacular: over 800 educators at a great venue with Simon Breakspear and Abdul Chohan keynoting. Simon focused on 3 keys for critical change: Design Learning Futures Embrace Radical Collaboration and NEVER stop learning. I am keen to reflect on this framework and see what else I can learn … Continue reading uLead15 Keynote reflections

Virtual Sharing with ADSB

I experienced a wonderful virtual learning opportunity this week with some fantastic educators from ADSB.  Donna Fry, who was leading the learning sessions on site, invited me to provide a kick off presentation to their day.  My task was to ignite some change thinking by linking the areas of technology enabled learning, technology change and … Continue reading Virtual Sharing with ADSB

OSAPAC: Four GREAT Resources

There is lots of exciting news on the OSAPAC front. The new OSAPAC website  was launched at the recent  Bring IT Together  conference.   In this post, I am highlighting four newsworthy items. One of the new exciting Ontario provincial licenses is for Mindomo, web based mind mapping software for all educators in Ontario publicly funded … Continue reading OSAPAC: Four GREAT Resources

K12 Summer Reflection Challenge

I typically listen to  Craig Norris on CBC KW 89.1  on my morning drive  into the office and yesterday was no different.  I happened to catch an interview Craig did with Roger Farwell, the new CEO of Creative Enterprise Inc. What caught my attention in the interview was the idea of one’s “change stance”.   In … Continue reading K12 Summer Reflection Challenge